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Our exclusive culinary classics for your enjoyment at home.
The Rindenmühle-Edition.

Anyone who has worked in gastronomy for several years – recommending, advising and serving – will get to know a wide variety of products. And some of these products are quite special. With the Rindenmühle-Edition, the Rindenmühle itself has now put together a number of its very own treasures. This way you can take your impressions of the Rindenmühle with you, not only as a picture in your head, but as a tangible souvenir. Also ideal as a gift or to increase the anticipation of a visit to us. The purchase is possible exclusively at the reception or partly also in the open bar in the restaurant.

Our Culinary Branded Products

Single-Malt Whisky

For this bottling a single barrel of finest single malts was specially selected by the team of the Hotel Rindenmühle. It is a single cask from the Clynelish Distillery. This unique whisky first matured for 8 years in an ex-Bourbon-Cask before it is transferred to a rum cask for post-maturing.
The result is a complex and multi-faceted Single Malt with its own character and a lot of expressiveness.

250 ml for 38,00 € | 500 ml for 72,00 €

Boskop-Apple Brandy

Produced with the kind support of the family distillery Johannes Blessing from Villingen.
Since 1921, the Blessing family has been distilling excellent fine brandies and we are pleased to be able to offer one of these brandies now as an in-house edition.
Johannes Blessing harvests the Boskop apples from our hotel meadow and distils them exclusively for the Rindenmühle.
The noble brandy presents itself with a full body and a long finish. The taste is fruity with a slightly spicy aroma.

200 ml for 18,00 €

Plum Marmalade

When the sun shines golden on the horizon and the leaves fall gently from the trees onto our meadow, it is time to harvest our fine plums. Loving and committed, we as a whole team help to pit our abundant harvest. In the form of our own marmalade, processed by our head chef, we would like to give you a little bit of Rindenmühle to take home.

230 ml for 4,50 €
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