Blessing's Destilleries

Not far from the Romantik Hotel Rindenmühle, the Blessing family has been distilling excellent brandies **since 1921. The master distiller works out of conviction with an open fireplace and wood as fuel instead of gas. An own catalyst pulls the hydrogen cyanide out of the alcohol water vapor - an absolute quality feature.

Visit Mr. Blessing in his distillery, taste and buy finest distillates directly from Villingen-Schwenningen.

In our restaurant we also serve many award-winning brandies from the range and sell them by the bottle on request.

For more information, please contact us at the reception.

Distance: 0.4 km

Black Forest beekeeper Wilfried Straub

Just a few minutes from the hotel Wilfried Straub also hosts guests: his bee colonies. The wonderful nature with many conifers creates a wonderful sweet honey with imprinting in different flavors, depending on where the colonies have just filled up their nectar. Wilfried Straub cultivates a gentle treatment of nature, which was also the impetus to become a beekeeper.

With us you get the honey selection at the breakfast buffet or you can purchase this glass by glass at the reception.

Distance: 5.1 km

Stockwälder Farm Store

Only a stone's throw from the hotel is the Stockwälder Hoflädele. For a purchase of regional specialties a visit is worthwhile.

Our house obtains seasonally fresh geese directly from the Hoflädele and thus ensures the regionality for the "Whole Goose Meal" in the winter months. Enjoy from 3 persons a whole goose with us in the restaurant, at the table carved by the patron personally.

When you see the milk goat on the menu, you can be sure that this animal also comes from Stockwald.

For more information about the Stockwälder Hoflädele, please contact the Kieninger family at 07724-4336.

Distance: 10.4 km

Dieterlehof in Gremmelsbach-Triberg

Not far from the highest waterfalls in Germany in Triberg lies in an idyllic location the Dieterlehof of family Scherzinger. Here live on a large area happy chickens in free-range husbandry under the most modern and strict hygiene regulations, but without any factory farming. The family wants their chickens to feel comfortable. In order not to dispose of small and also broken eggs senselessly, they are processed with a modern plant to homemade pasta, which you can also buy directly at the farm.

With us you can enjoy the eggs by eating those from the breakfast buffet, scrambled eggs and also our pasta, as well as all egg dishes.

For more information, please contact the Scherzinger family at 07722-916737.

Distance: 23.6 km

Sheep farm Stotz in Münsingen

In the middle of the Swabian Alps lies the rambling sheep farm of Gerhard and Bärbel Stotz. On the wide meadows of the alp, the sheep and lambs lead a happy life until the end. Fresh greenery and various herbs in the meadows give the meat a particularly aromatic flavor, among other things. The Stotz family attaches great importance to the natural husbandry of the animals and so industrial concentrated feed is also dispensed with.

Especially in the autumn months, we then serve regional and extremely fresh lamb meat packed into great dishes.

Distance: 124 km

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