Every action, every enterprise and every company needs character – which really makes it what it is.
Only those who know themselves and are aware of their goals and history will be truly successful.

Our Vision

Where is the journey going? Nobody will be able to answer this question spot-on. But the direction can be determined by everyone. What we want to achieve in the first place is this:
The Rindenmühle ought to be a place for all guests and employees, which they will choose specifically and consciously, even nationwide, because of its unique character, its high quality and its extensive range of products.

Our Mission

How are we aiming to achieve our future goal? We create emotions and experiences based on our corporate values, thus meeting and exceeding the expectations of our guests and employees. Anyone who has visited us once should be able to come back with a clear conscience.

Our Values


This means for us that the guest feels a little bit like home when they are staying with us. This feeling is created when the guest can establish a personal bond with the house, the employees and the offer we provide. We make sure that our guests have the opportunity to get to know our employees and the employee has the opportunity to get to know the guest. Trust also means that the quality of our services is guaranteed at a high level so that the expectations our guests have of us are met and exceeded. At the same time, we want to question the ordinary again and again, be open to innovation and also try out new things.


As a family-run hotel in the Black Forest region, rich in tradition, our house has its own personal story to tell, which we do not want to hide at all. By living the connection to the history of the Rindenmühle, the Black Forest region and the city of Villingen-Schwenningen in architecture and service – hardware and software – we give our house an unmistakable character. We want to create the experience of “Rindenmühle”, as multifaceted as each of our guests and employees.


We do not want to simply be a hotel. Our offer goes far beyond the functional provision of services and is intended to appeal to our guests on an emotional level. Every guest should purposefully choose our hotel. The stay of each guest and his or her contact with the staff make up a large part of this process – it should be just as individual as the guest and the employee themselves. People are no longer just looking for recreation and relaxation from their everyday lives, but for unique experiences. As hosts, our most important task is to create experiences which are worth telling others about. The prerequisite for this is the combination of all three values: Trusted. Authentic. Unique.

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