Eating is a need, enjoying is an art.

Not everything in life is clowning and a play, let's not even talk about a drama without a stage. **But this time everything is different: The visitors enter the hall eagerly and are full of anticipation, which play will be presented to them today, after they have taken their seats.
Welcome to your personal culinary stage play.

Choose your protagonists and enjoy the play of a special kind, completely relaxed, according to your taste.

Here you will find your way into the culinary stage play, the protagonists from service and kitchen will start the prelude and lead you into the enjoyment of freshness and specialness.

Act I - Starters & Soups

Little farmhouse bread Leaf

Fresh cheese creme | Salted butter | Cress - €4.5

Wild herb salad Leaf

Elderflower dressing | Radishes | Sprouts | Bread chip - €9

Duck liver terrine

Cherry | Hazelnut | Brioche - €21

Black-feathered chicken consommé

Truffled semolina dumpling - €10

After a short break, the curtain rises again. The protagonists fabulously continue the story for Love Goes Through the Stomach and you are served a spectacle that needs no further drama... Welcome to the main course.

Act II - Main courses

Mediterranean stewed kid of the goat & veal filet

Olive oil emulsion | Courgette | Eggplant mash | Potato gratin - €33

Roasted sirloin

Jus | Turnip cabbage salad | Potato gratin - €31

Grilled veal steak

Jus | Herb crackling | Pimientos | Polenta - €29


Brown butter foam | Sweet potato mash | Chanterelles | Noodles - €27

Home made pasta Leaf

Brown butter foam | Chanterelles | Courgette - €19

Roasted fillet of Charolais beef (gents cut)

Burgundy jus | Fresh chanterelles from the Bregtal | Zucchini vegetables | Potato gratin - €42

This time the curtain rises again only after a longer break. You literally have to digest what has been played and let the art of this culinary theater take effect on you. Under thunderous applause their own play ends and the protagonists in the kitchen say goodbye... Welcome to the dessert.

Act III - Dessert

Semolina dumpling with vanilla Leaf

Strawberry | Mojito - €11

Hazelnut mousse Leaf

Curry ice cream | Apricot - €11

Small choice of raw milk cheese Leaf

Chutneys | Fruitcake | Nuts - €11

Home made ice cream and sorbet Leaf

Chocolate | Vanilla | Hazelnut | Plum - €3.5

LeafVegetarian dish

You don't want the performance to end yet? You want an encore? We are happy to serve one of our delicious brandies as Act IV and even without any shouts or applause. As with every visit to the evening of the play, this interlude was again far too short and the visitors leave the hall happy.

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