Doing our part to protect the climate and the environment – with the region and for the region

Since the foundation of the hotel Rindenmühle, the concept of sustainability has been very important to us, especially due to our direct proximity to nature. We have been connected with the farmers of the region for generations, back then for grinding the grain into flour and today with exclusive dishes from local producers, imaginatively brought to the point.

Through targeted purchasing of fresh products from the Swabian Alb, Lake Constance, the Black Forest, Alsace and Paris, we conserve resources through short transport routes and little packaging waste. In addition to purchasing our food from regional producers, we also work with regional craftsmen in the awarding of construction contracts. Thus we increase the economic efficiency of the Black Forest at the same time.


  • Use of regional products and handymen

  • Photovoltaic system

  • Solar thermal system

  • Ossberger turbine

  • Pellet heating system

How we use the environment


We harness the energy of the sun through two different techniques. On the roof of the hotel and the lobby are photovoltaic panels, which produce a combined output of 35 kilowatt hours. 80 m² of thermal solar panels on the mill roof support the need for hot water in the hotel.


An Ossberger turbine, which replaces the original undershot water with a diameter of 4.8 m, also generates energy for the in-house power grid. Even before the turbine was built, the river Brigach supplied the property with energy for the grinding plant for over 400 years.


Since we feel a strong connection with the region we live in, we decided over 10 years ago to supplement our traditional heating system with a wood pellet heating system. The wood comes from local forests and thus guarantees short access routes and a local value chain.

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