Villingen-Schwenningen has a lot to offer.
We welcome you to our home in Baden-Württemberg on the outskirts of the Black Forest close to the headwaters of the rivers Neckar and Danube.

blocwald – Boulder Center VS

The big and modern boulder hall has just recently opened in 2019 and offers the right challenge for everyone with a variety of wall shapes. Those who want to go higher can prove themselves at the 15 m high climbing tower. For the little climbers there is also a large children’s forest.

Relaxation Pool ‘Solemar’

The Solemar in Bad-Dürrheim is a relaxation bath of the highest standard and only a 10 minute car ride away.


Who thinks of Villingen, thinks also of the Fasnacht, the German carnival, which has been celebrated in the city for centuries. This custom has survived plagues and feuds, wars and famines, as well as many bans imposed by the authorities; it is an essential part of the city’s heritage!

Franciscan Concert Hall

The regional concert hall: Since the conversion of the former church into a concert hall, the city of Villingen-Schwenningen has been able to offer an exceptional venue for concerts of the highest calibre. The concert hall holds almost 1000 visitors and also offers a very special atmosphere and charisma.

Franciscan Museum

In the former Franciscan monastery and former orphanage there is a cultural-historical museum with various collections on the history of the town and region (3 km away).

Indoor Swimming Pool Villingen

The indoor swimming pool Villingen provides a versatile offer for bathing fun! A swimming pool suitable for competitions with a separate sports swimming lane invites you to engage in sporting activities. The drive to the indoor pool only takes 5 minutes.

Local History & Watch Museum

More than 1000 years of Schwenningen’s history, found objects from prehistory and early history as well as a fully equipped clock-making workshop, clock-making tools and many different versions of Black Forest clocks as well as the Hellmut-Kienzle collection can be found in the local history and clock museum in Schwenningen (15 min away)

Swimming Pool ‘Kneippbad Villingen’

Beautifully located outdoor pool with lots of space for sports and leisure activities, in direct proximity to the hotel.

Ice Rink Schwenningen

Ice skaters, curling players and ice hockey fans are at the right place at the Schwenningen artificial ice rink. It is also the home of the Schwenninger Wild Wings ice hockey team.

Spa Garden Villingen

The spa garden is only a 2 minutes walk from our hotel. In addition to the beautiful park, the spa garden has a circular path around a small lake and a children’s playground. From here you can also reach the miniature golf course.

Miniature Golf Course

Directly next to the spa garden there is an idyllically situated miniature golf course. Apart from the game itself, there is also a welcoming terrace with a wide selection of drinks and ice cream.

Aviation Museum

The International Aviation Museum in Schwenningen is the fullfilment of aircraft restorer and designer Manfred Plumm’s lifelong dream. After years of restoring and rebuilding aircrafts for other museums, he opened up his own museum in Schwenningen. Here, aircraft enthusiasts can currently admire about 40 exhibits, some of which are also airworthy (15 min away).

Münster Concerts

The Münster Concerts in Villingen are outstanding cultural events!
They are performed by church musicians and numerous choirs as well as by renowned artists from Germany and abroad.

Indoor Swimming Pool ‘Neckarbad’ Schwenningen

A glass dome, large windows and green plants give the Neckarbad its special flair. The journey time is about 15 minutes.

Congress and Culture Center ‘Neue Tonhalle’

The Neue Tonhalle is impressive from the outside due to the aesthetics of the building and its open, hospitable atmosphere. It was opened in 1999, has a usable area of around 1000 m², has a lowerable and expandable stage, a modern lighting and sound system as well as multimedia conference and meeting technology.
The lighting concept turns the Tonhalle into an eye-catcher as soon as you drive past.

Upjoy – Boulder Center Villingen

The boulder center UPJOY offers the perfect challenge for beginners, advanced climbers and top athletes with about 150 boulder routes up to 4,5 m height in varying levels of difficulty. Additionally there are 2 freestanding topout blocks with a height of 4 m. For small children there are special boulder routes with smaller grip distances and lower heights suitable for children.

‘Theater am Ring’

The Theater am Ring is the central venue of the city of Villingen-Schwenningen for all genres of theater. Performances of the music theater take place here, as well as dance evenings and ballet and child and youth theater.

Running Track ‘Trimm-Dich-Pfad’

On the Trimm-Dich-Pfad you can train stamina, strength and condition at the same time. The running track leads through the forest, where every 200-300 meters a sport or gymnastics equipment is placed. At each station there is a board with a description of the corresponding exercise.  At the forest parking lot on the Oberen Waldstraße in the Germanswald, you start on the 2.9 kilometer long Villingen Trimm-Dich-Pfad with 20 stations.

City Galery

The Municipal Gallery stages exhibitions with works of classical modernism and contemporary art. The exhibitions of contemporary art are reserved for young artists who discuss figurative tendencies or border areas in the discussion of ‘art form’ or ‘natural form’.

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