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Trim trail

The trim trail offers the possibility to train endurance, strength and fitness at the same time. The running track leads through the forest, where every 200-300 meters a sport or gymnastics equipment is placed. At each station there is a board with a description of the corresponding exercise.

The 2.9-kilometer Villingen Trimm-Dich trail with 20 stations starts at the forest parking lot on Obere Waldstraße in Germanswald.

Distance: 0.9 km

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Upjoy - Boulder Hall Villingen

The bouldering hall UPJOY offers the perfect challenge for beginners, advanced climbers and top athletes with about 150 bouldering routes up to 4.5 m height in different difficulty levels. In addition, there are 2 free-standing topout blocks with a height of 4 m. For small children there are special bouldering routes with smaller grip distances and lower heights suitable for children.

Distance: 2.5 km

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blocwald - Boulder Center VS

The large and modern bouldering hall was only opened in 2019 and offers the right challenge for everyone with a wide variety of wall shapes. Those who want to go higher can prove themselves on the 15 m high climbing tower. For the little climbers there is also a spacious children's forest.

Distance: 5.6 km

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Running Club

Running is more fun in a group! The guided running route takes place regularly and lasts about 1 hour.

Distance: 7.1 km

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Ackerloch Cross Run

Cross-country running is a variation of the sport of running that focuses on traversing profiled terrain away from paved trails.

Distance: 7.3 km

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Triberg waterfalls

The Triberg Waterfalls, the highest waterfalls in Germany, promise a unique natural experience. The water of the Gutach falls here in seven stages 163 m deep into the valley. The waterfalls are accessible all year round and in all weathers. However, they offer a very special scenery in winter or in the evening, when the waterfalls are illuminated until 10 pm.

Distance: 21.4 km

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Der Waldläufer - 3D-Bogensport-Parcour

Relax during a time-out from everyday life and experience intuitive archery in the Black Forest. Enjoy nature and archery in an intuitive way, following the motto "If you're in a hurry, go slow!".

Test your skills on the 3D course. The High Forest Tour is set on about 35 hectares of forest and is divided into 3 tours of different lengths. The longest tour has about 80 launches and takes about 5 hours. The Gamshorn Trail offers 35 kills at 28 stations with high shot density and short distances.

Feel free to stop by the Ranger and experience an unforgettable day.

Distance: 22.6 km

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